Welcome to our new website!

As I write our first blog post, Hearts That Purr is in its infancy with barely two years under our belt. It is an exciting time, though, and we are always learning new things. Some are expected, others not so much. The one constant in all of this is that these darn cats are wonderful little beings who manage to steal your heart, time and money. Then, make you not mind at all. Strange.

More strange, is that not a week goes by without someone telling me that they would love to start a rescue organization, but think they can’t. While it certainly isn’t easy to make this a reality, it can be done. This got me to thinking…

As we stretch and grow, we’d like to be an example to those who have the willingness and desire but not the confidence.  We’re here to tell you that if you start small, focus your efforts and do what you can to make a difference for the homeless animals you can help, it can be done. Besides, isn’t just one kitty’s life worth saving? How can this not be considered a success? Just ask the cat!

The fact is that smaller, locally- based rescue organizations accomplish more with less, right in your own community. Rescue work you can see. That’s why we need more of them and I encourage you to think about it. So, while we do our thing of helping senior kitties who have lost their persons due to death or illness, we hope to see others get into the “niche” rescue arena. Maybe you have a weakness for senior cats like we do. Or, perhaps feel that FIV+ or Felv+  kitties deserve more. How about blind cats? You get the idea. Now, imagine how a group of such people working together and learning from each other can accomplish great things for all cats.