The Story of Sal and Sam

Sam and SalIn late July of 2013, we became aware of an emergency situation involving two cats in need of a home after their 99 year old owner died. Their owner, a woman who lived alone in a little trailer in Cochise County, had no family or friends. Even as she was dying, the woman’s only concern was for her cats. Her last words to the paramedics were, “Don’t let my boys die.” Her “boys” were two elderly cats. One thin and shy, the other chubby and friendly, but deaf and partially blind. They were set to be euthanized at the local pound, but an angel named Donna, from Cochise Co. Humane Society, intervened to try to find them a home where they could live out their days as their owner wished. We weren’t quite ready to take in any cats at that time, but we couldn’t turn them away. Hearts That Purr Feline Guardians was officially opened when we brought these two orphans home.
Their owner died before telling anyone their names, so the cats became Sal and Sam to us and we just fell in love with them. Sadly, four months after they arrived, we learned Sal had large cell lymphoma and after a few weeks of palliative care, he passed away peacefully in January. We barely had time to grieve the loss when, less than two months later, we unexpectedly lost Sam to bone cancer. It was a sad time and we questioned if we were up to the challenge of starting a sanctuary like this and handling the losses that would inevitably come especially when dealing with older cats. But the experience with Sal and Sam, two gentle kitties who deserved to live happily for whatever time they had left, made us realize it was all worth it if we were to be here for those who would need us later.
Two benches were donated to us in their honor and were placed on our front porch where they are a reminder of the important work we are here to do and the two very special little kitties who will always be remembered as our very first rescues.






Memorial Benches for Sal and Sam on the front porch of Hearts That Purr Feline Guardians group home.