A Tribute or Memorial Gift is a meaningful way to acknowledge a special person, pet or event. Tribute Gifts show the honoree you care and are thinking of them. Memorial Gifts show you remember a beloved person or animal, no longer living, but who still holds a place in your heart. Both Tribute and Memorial Gifts can also be thoughtful alternatives to traditional gifts on special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries, or just to make your condolences over the loss of someone’s beloved pet even more heartfelt.  No matter the occasion, your Tribute or Memorial Gift to Hearts That Purr Feline Guardians, help support our mission to save feline lives, a worthy cause sure to be appreciated by your honoree or their family.

When you make a Tribute or Memorial Gift to Hearts That Purr Feline Guardians, here is what happens:

  • Your Tribute or Memorial donation will be acknowledged on our website, along with your name, the name of the person, pet or event being honored or remembered, and a personalized message if you like. The amount of the gift will not be disclosed and you may remain anonymous.
  • We will send your honoree (or designee in the case of a Memorial Gift) an acknowledgement announcing that you have made a donation to Hearts That Purr Feline Guardians in their name along with your special message. You will receive a separate acknowledgement of your donation for your own records, as well.

Ready to make your Tribute or Memorial Gift? Please go to our Donate page and choose this option. You will have an opportunity to include a personalized message before you complete your payment. If you have any questions about making a Tribute or Memorial Gift, feel free to contact us at 520-297-3780 or email heartsthatpurr@outlook.com

In memory of Joe Kiley

“In memory of my friend Joe Kiley, I would like to offer my support of for Hearts That Purr feline rescue. I’m sure Joe will rest in peace knowing that his cat has a loving home.”

- Mark Woods

In memory of Sandra Smith, MD

“This is in loving memory of Sandra Smith, MD. Hoping we continue to have kitties as we age. And now we know how to prepare in advance for their lives for when we pass.”

 - Jeannine L. Caine

In memory of Veronica Stuart-Alexander

“An unconventional woman, protector of felines and inspiration to others.”

~ Anonymous

In memory of Miaugie and Tarfal Atwood

 "Two beautiful kitty souls, gone to Rainbow Bridge way too soon. They were dearly loved by their devoted mom and will be greatly missed."


In honor of Beverly A. Wagner-King

~ Anonymous

In loving memory of Salvatore P. Ripa

"A wonderful, warm, kind and funny man. A cat lover extraordinaire!"    ~ Anonymous

In Honor of Egils Krolls

"A fellow cat-guardian." ~ Carol Maywood

In memory of Marlene Pilosi

"In memory of my mom, whose positivity and sense of humor was only outshined by her love."

~ Justin