“Years ago my parent’s had a kitty who was tragically killed in front of my mom by a neighborhood dog. My mom was sure her heart would never heal. A month or so later I was visiting them in the White Mountains. I ran into the local grocery store while my mom waited in the car. When I came out of the store I noticed the local humane society was having an adoption fair. I walked by and saw this adorable white kitten. I hurried to get my mom and I told her she needed to come with me. I knew if I told her why, she would say no. She followed me up to the store and I put this furry angel in her hands. It was love at first sight and Gizmo came home with us. Gizzie was spoiled by my mom. He loved snuggling with her, being brushed, watching birds through the windows and being the king of the house. Recently, my mom was diagnosed with brain cancer and died within a month of her diagnosis. Everyone was devastated, especially Gizzie. My Dad who is in declining health tried to take care of Gizzie, but it was becoming too much for him. Obviously this was an extremely difficult situation. I couldn’t find anyone I could trust to take my mom’s beloved cat. After quite a bit of research I came across Hearts That Purr. The organization seemed like the best result for a terrible situation.   My father and I went over to view the property. It is stunning! The kitties there are all ‘free-range’ in their own spacious rooms. The house is clean the cats are obviously well taken care of. After visiting, Dad and I made the decision to place Gizzie with Hearts That Purr. There was quite a bit of guilt and tears for abandoning my Mom’s little boy, but it was made easier knowing that Gizzie will be taken care of for the rest of his days. It also has been very helpful that we have been allowed to go and visit Gizzie. The work that Jeanmarie does is nothing short of a miracle. Gizzie has thrived there and is making friends. I know my Mom would be happy that he is being so well taken care of.”

- Patti B., Tucson, AZ.